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Phoenix Blenheim Bariatric Seat

If you are looking for information on transport of Baratric Patients Seats for Vehicles this is current infornation available

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Latest information on Heavy Duty Seats Suitable for Vehicle Transportation 
Currently available from UK manufactured by Phoenix Seating 
Colour may vary based on availability. 


Research shows there are limited options for transport by vehicles for Bariatric Patients to Hospital and transfers to diagnostic clinics .

Their seats are tested to highest requirements to EU Standard  while they state their Blenheim range of seats have a rating of 300 kilo.
They also state there is no testing procedure available to meet this occupant rating .
Further research into seat belts indicates no manufacturer tests seat belts to 300 kilo !
Installation into vehicle would need certified engineers report and design for floor mounting  bracket
This is compulsory as floor loadings are the real concern .Safety is prime concern .
Blenheim seats are available in two cushion widths  500 mm  also 550 mm .
The seats have no recline as an option to ensure highest possible rating of seat .
Before purchasing these products a certified engineer must accept the limitations that the seat meets .
Only an experienced fitter can fit these seats ,This is not a DYI  situation .
It is up to installer he meets local Government State requirements . 
Seatsrus have in stock an Blenheim 500 mm cushion seat   and also Blenheim 550  mm cushion seat for inspection
As these are a special order aloe at ‘east 4 months from placement of order 
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