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Bostrom 910 Talladega Seat

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Bostrom 910 Talladega Seat | Bostrom Truck Seats | Air Suspension Seat | Aftermarket truck seats Standard Features of a Bostrom Seat 910: 21" Wide and 19" Long Seat foam and back support cushion for Added Comfort 6" Ride Zone 9.5" Fore & Aft Adjustment Heavy Duty Dual Seat Shocks for Greater Stability Longer Adjustment Levers for Easier Operation Two-Chamber Air Lumbar Support Front Seat Tilt Adjustment Suspension Cover Optional Selection: High Back, Mid Back, or Mid Back with Adjustable Headrest Arm rests Driver or Passenger Swivel Low Profile Air Suspension Seat Heater Cloth, Velour, or Ultra Leather HPATM