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Truck Seats

truck seat

Considering the long hours truck and bus drivers put in behind the wheel in their seat, getting the best seat for the vehicle is important. Safety, comfort and quality are the three most important things you need to look for when investing in a new seat for your truck or bus.


Ensuring the safety of truck and bus drivers is paramount when you consider how integral drivers are to your business. All truck and bus seats stocked and supplied by Seats R Us meet strict Australian safety standards. The range of seats offered are ergonomically designed to protect a heavy vehicle driver from injury while getting the jobs done.


A comfortable seat will make the work day easier for the driver. Each chair is designed to limit shock to the body which can prevent long term injuries. With a range of suspension and arm rest options, you can find a seat that will not only enhance comfort while travelling but make entering and exiting the cabin easier.


Seats R Us are unmatched in terms of their distribution and re-manufacturing of an almost unlimited range of suspension seats and accessories. Offering well-known and trusted brands Bostrom, KAB and Knoedler at a fraction of the price, Seats R Us are your one stop shop for the best seat for your ride.

Agriculture and Tractor Seats

tractor seat

Your seat on the farm needs to be as tough, resilient and reliable as you are. To help you avoid downtime you can’t afford, Seats R Us have a range of agricultural seats designed to stand the test of time in your tractor and farm equipment.


With unmatched quality and superior comfort, the range of agricultural seats at Seats R Us are unrivalled. With multiple options for suspension to reduce jolting and bumps in rough terrain, your back will be thanking you for investing in a quality, ergonomically designed seat. With many options, including a choice of arm rests, suspension and shock absorbers, you will be hard pressed not to find the right seat to make your agricultural equipment a comfortable place to spend your work day.


Our agricultural seats will improve the ride you have in your industrial farm equipment and in turn limit the physical impact on your body. Seats R Us are committed to finding the right seat to suit your vehicle and body. You will find the best seat at Seats R Us to ensure a smooth ride at work.

Forklift Seats

forklift seat

A forklift is a vital piece of equipment in many workplaces, so it stands to reason that a safe and comfortable seat is a must. Seats R Us stock a range of seats to fit your forklift that won’t break the budget or compromise comfort and durability.


The stocked selection of seats are designed specifically for forklifts come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Each seat is designed to be kind to the body and long lasting incorporating hard wearing covering and foam filling to ensure comfort for the entire life of the seat. With either mechanical or air suspension, each seat will leave your riding the jolts with ease as they go about their work. To ensure safety and ease when getting on and off the forklift, you can chose between adjustable arm rests or none at all.


The range of aftermarket forklift seats not only comply with all national safety standards they will help your workplace ensure any zero tolerance policy on forklift incidents will adhered to by ensuring that visibility and manoeuvrability is not compromised. All of the seats in the range allow operators to maintain control of the vehicle and not be injured while operating the forklift.

Mining Seats

mining seat

With the booming mining industry, you would be silly not to get on with the big jobs in style and comfort. Seats R Us stock a range of seats designed to ensure safety and comfort while your team is working hard in a tough environment.


With an extensive range of options, Seats R Us can find the right seat for your heavy duty equipment. Industrial automotive seats stocked and supplied by Seats R Us will make sure you and your team will enjoy a smooth ride over the bumps onsite.


The key to a great seat for your mining equipment is to find a chair that will bridge the gap between you and your machine to limit the impact on yours and your team’s bodies. Each seat comes with either airbag or spring suspension to reduce the impact of the rough terrain. You can even get yourself some great extras like moveable armrests to make getting in and out of the cabin easier.


With adjustable heights and angles, you will be able to be comfortable for the long hours in the cabin. The hard wearing upholstery and padding in the Seats R Us range is designed to withstand the rough treatment onsite.








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