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Seat Belts and Replacement Seat Belts

Basically there are two different types of seat belts offered at, though each of these types have several variations from which you can choose from depending on the colour, brand and model. Just a little trivia, you may think that the compulsory Australian seat belt law is only applicable for long driving, but no!  It is also applicable for forklifts and other industrial vehicles, defense vehicles and off road vehicles.  So what are the different safety belts offered at Seats R Us?

Lap Belt

A lap belt is a type of seat belt that is worn over your waist.  Seats R Us offers ALR FLURO forklift seat belt, which is safe and recommended for use on tractors, bulldozers, bob cats, scrapers and forklifts.  Now, you may be thinking that why the need for a forklift seat belt?  Well, based on analysis studies of the many accidents involving forklifts, most of the operators driving the said vehicle were found not to be wearing any kind of safety harness.  On one forklift accident where the operator died, he was driving down a ramp and made a sharp turn to the left causing the forklift to overturn, since he was not wearing a seat belt, he fell off his seat and got pinned under the forklift.  This fatal accident could have been avoided if the operator was wearing a safety seat belt, as reported by authorities.
Now, with an automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) forklift seat belts, forklift operators can be assured of their safety.  The ALR function of the safety lap belt will not allow it to lengthen any further than the desired length, but it can however retract.  You can also choose between the FLURO and black colour.  The Fluro colour makes the seat belt easily distinguishable from a distance, so you can identify at once if a forklift operator is wearing seat belts or not.
Another type of lap belt is the aircraft type seat belt such as the 50mm off road seat belt which can come in stainless steel or not.  These two lap belts offered by are recommended for use in off road applications and in earth moving vehicles because this type of buckle would allow the easy cleaning of dirt and debris.
Then, there’s also the 50mm seat belt Grammer 902131 with a locking lever that automatically adjusts the length in accordance with the occupant’s waist girth.  Further, Seats R Us also offers retractable 75mm off road seat belts with a switch on buckle indicator. 

Three Point Seat Belt

The three point seat belt as its name implies seat belts with three points of attachment.  It is a combination of the sash and lap seatbelt, which is the usual type of safety belt that we see and use in cars nowadays.  Amongst all types of seat belts this is the most common type being used today.  It was first introduced by Volvo in the 1980s and has been applied by all carmakers since then.  And of course, just like with any invention there are upgrades and innovations that leads to better and safer devices such as the Belt in Seat (BIS).  Basically, this type of seat belt still makes use of the three point system.   However, the seat belts are no longer directly attached to the car but to the car seat itself.  This has greatly improved passenger safety especially during collisions when the seats are dislodged or catapulted.  
Under this type of seat belt, offers Hemco Australia (Made in Australia) three point seat belts.  The Hemco brand is one of the largest and most trusted seat belts brand in Australia.

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