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Air Bags

Air bag suspension is used in place of conventional steel spring settings. An air bag fitted under your seat will ensure that your seat will ride smoothly over any terrain. They are designed to be fitted to your industrial vehicle and are proven to be more comfortable by providing the driver with a smooth ride that will reduce body impact.

With air bag suspension, your driver will be able to adjust the seat to suit their weight, which will in turn allow them to enjoy a more comfortable ride, free from excessive jostling while preventing long term injuries caused by impact. 

An air bag alone will make a seat bounce quickly, so it is important you combine a quality air bag with an appropriate shock absorber.

Seat Belts

Under Australian law anyone in a moving vehicle on Australian roads needs to be wearing a seat belt. If you want your drivers to be safe whether on the road or in the field, a properly fitted seat belt will not only enhance the safety of your vehicle but it will ensure that drivers are comfortable. 

Seat belts are now fitted to the actual seat, which means that when seats move up and down the seat belt moves with the driver assisting them with comfort and reducing the risk of your driver being stuck in a ‘locked’ seat belt. 

With a range of sizes, Seats R Us have a range of seat belts that are of the highest safety standard. Seats R Us can source and supply seat belts for a range of industrial vehicles including trucks, busses, forklifts, tractors and mining vehicles.

Shock Absorbers

Simply, shock absorbers are a device that will limit the impact and rebound movements of your seat when driving. While smoothing out the bumps and vibrations your drivers feel while on the road, a properly fitted shock absorber will enhance comfort and prevent long term injuries caused by long hours behind the wheel experiencing jolts and bumps. 

A shock absorber needs to be fitted correctly to ensure comfort and safety. When combined with a quality suspension system and slide controls, your shock absorbers have the ability to make your seat as comfortable as an arm chair. 

With a choice of brands, including Bostrom, Eldorado, Grammer and Kab; Seats R Us can find you the best shock absorber for your vehicle.

Seat Slides

A properly fitted seat slide serves two purposes. The most obvious being to adjust the distance of the seat to the dash. This will allow passengers to feel comfortable while enabling the driver to safely operate the vehicle. A set of seat slides can safely combined with shock absorbers and a suspension kit to allow your seat to limit the physical impact of your vehicle’s movements. 

You can chose between a slide that can be locked or a gator slide which will allow the seat and driver to move with the vehicle. 

An appropriate set of slides will allow your driver to be more comfortable while being able to adjust the seat to their preferences. By allowing for adjustments, your driver will feel more secure in their seat.


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